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Web Designers in Carmarthenshire Wales
Full web site packages start
at £95
If you want to join the e-
commerce revolution, ask us
about our shopping carts. 
Professionally designed
pages with unique graphic
images, java, flash, php and
cgi scripts are available along
with full content
management and update facilities if required.
If your site requires some form of database then we can
install this element into your site using MySQL and other
db systems.
Whether you require a bespoke web site or one of our
simple packages we can help you achieve a
professionally managed web presence that will enable
you and your business to compete effectively and
encourage more business.
We offer a free managed domain service with all registrations
which means we take responsibility for renewals, anti-spam
service and safeguard you against domain pirates and scams.
Parking, web forwarding and e-mail forwarding services are
available if required.
Nowadays domain name registration is not expensive and we offer
very competitive rates for .co.uk/.org.uk/.com/.net/.org/ and other domains.
You simply must register your domain names as soon as you think of the name you
require. Every day millions of names are registered and yours will be taken sooner than
you think if you don't act swiftly.
Whether you need a page or a full e-commerce site, we can
provide the hosting package for you at very reasonable cost.
FTP, Email, CGI-Bins, Scripts, PHP, ASP, Sub domains, Control
Panels can all be offered with our web space packages which
range from 50mb to Unlimited mb of disk space.
Once you have your web site you will need a home for it with
good, fast and reliable hosting services. We use fast Windows
and/or Unix servers to host your site with all the necessary
services you require to maintain, update and manage your site.
Each hosting package comes with it’s own Control Panel allowing you access to all the
facilities available. Or, you can just let us do it for you!
Full email facilities come with all our packages. This
includes, web mail, auto-responders, forwarding and mail
box management.
Your email control panel comes with your main hosting
and allows you to set up new pop mail boxes, forward
mail to existing addresses and even auto-reply.
Ant-spam filters and Virus protection can also be
It's all very well having a nice web site but if it cannot be found by your potential
clients what use is it ?
Prices start at only £125 per year for basic submission service with the average
standard package at £295 per year.
More complex packages with advertising, Google Adwords etc available also.
12 months web site promotion service includes monitoring of progress and position on
search engines, web site manipulation and other elements to enable your site to be
Web Site promotion and marketing is an element which we feel is sadly neglected by
many providers and designers. We offer an excellent promotion scheme which we call
NET GAIN which results in your sites being able to be found by the use of hundreds of
Search Engines and directories.
    * Optimisation of existing web site
    * Regular monthly submission to major search engines
    * Comparison analysis with competitor sites
    * Linking and registration with industry and business
    * Keyword analysis for target market
    * Consideration of new domain names and gateways
    * and more
There are far too many other services that we offer to list here but they include: Availability Calendars, Car/Auto Show room sites, Bogs, E-cards,
Forums, Mail forms, YouTube / videos, Music, Download products, Ebay Shops, Managed Web Sites, e-Commerce, CMS Content management
systems and much much more.
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